29 July 2011

Google+ traffic falls: Is the shine soon to fade?

The launch of Google+ was envisioned as a milestone. But the happiness fades this week, when a new data released by market researcher Experian Hitwise reports that Googl+'s traffic fell by 3 percent this week. The site was viewed by fewer US visitors, and on an average spent less time on the site.

Google+ had 1.86 million viewers last week, which dropped down to 1.79 million this week. The usage time also fell by 10 percent from 5 minutes and 50 seconds to 5 minutes and 15 seconds on average.

Though the result for this week looks frightful, but the situation is not that grungy. Google+ has recorded an impressive growth, whipping almost all the gurus in tech field and the popularity of the product picks the traffic back. Now the success for Google+ entirely depends on their marketing techniques, and how they attract viewers to come back to the site again and again. The coverage and usage of a newly launched product is expected to cushion within weeks. Introducing new features might help in enhancing traffic and broaden the product's appeal.

Presently Google+ is providing an invite-only service and is targeting new users. So the product can gain a lot of attention, if they open the service to all. However, still a lot of work has to be done on Google's part, they should soon come up with some new gaming features in order to give a tough competition to its rival Facebook.

Larry Page, Google's CEO, is not at all demoralized rather he looks enthusiastic. Google+ could grow, only if they make right choices at right time. Moreover, this can just be taken as a learning experience by Google to overcome such situations in future.