19 August 2011

Anna's movement: What's your city doing? (Part II )

Anna's movement has no doudt created a frenzy allover India. We presented the most happening centers of the crusader Anna Hazare in part I and here we again bring a continuation of the previous part.

Jammu & Kashmir

The valley seems to be indifferent in regard to Anna Hazare's movement. There has not been a murmur of protest in Kashmir valley in team Anna's favor. There are a lot of factors at helm for people not joining. Firstly, Kashmir being a Muslim predominate state, people are observing fast on account of holy month of Ramzan, so there is no fun in joining the fast as they are already fasting for religious commitment. Other reasons could be that J&K already has their Lokpal in the shape of Accountability Commission. Moreover, the RTI activists are confused whether to join the movement or not. On the contrary, Jammu has taken a lead in supporting the Anna Hazare movement. Main opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) which draws its strength from Muslim majority Kashmir has preferred to protest in Jammu rather than the valley.

Tamil Nadu

People from all walks of life enacted a one-day fast on Tuesday at various places across Tamil Nadu supporting Anna Hazare's demand for a strong Lokpal bill. Over 60 people accumulated in Chennai near Quaid E Milleth memorial to support Hazare's cause, with banners saying "Say no to corruption and yes to Jan Lok Pal." Hundreds of activists, including women, from various organisations observed the fast in response to a call given by the local chapter of Anti Corruption Movement, to support Hazare's cause in Coimbatore. In Madurai, members of various Hindu organisations, including Tamil Nadu Pengal Meetpu Peravai (Organisation to save women from Problem) staged the fast at Kalayar kovil area.


People from Orissa stood for the support for the Gandhian leader Anna Hazare and demonstrations continued after his arrest. Many organizations support the protest rally in Bhubneswar. About 2000 senior citizen, lawyers, social activist, students were present in the rally. The city also witnessed dharnas and candlelight processions supporting Anna. The young group of BJD organized a dharna outside the Raj Bhavan to express harmony with Anna and it welcomed the Jan Lokpal bill and demanded its implementation.

The protest against Anna Hazare has age no bar. From children to citizens all came on streets with placards and national flag. The Bihar unit of 'India Against Corruption', the umbrella body of the citizen's movement fighting for strong Lokpal, held fast and demonstrations at different places in the state to protest against Anna Hazare's arrest. Activists under the banner of 'India Against Corruption' brought out protest march in Purnia, Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur against the Gandhian's arrest. Demanding that the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh concede the demand for "a strong and effective" Jan Lokpal bill, several activists of the Patna branch of IAC assembled at the Kargil Chowk here and sat on fast. They shouted anti-government slogans against the arrest of Anna and his aides.


Offering support to the Gandhian fighter, people from different walks of life gathered and staged a sit-in at the Martyrs Column in the heart of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram and protested Hazare's detention. The state that is almost nearing the golden mark of being 100 percent literate, saw a relay fast and a march by IT professionals in Kochi protesting against the arrest of Anna Hazare. The group of IT professionals took out a march from the Infopark to Collectorate shouting slogans against the government action. The protests also saw active participation of many organizations like Ernakulam Merchants union, Kerala Madhya Nirodhana samithi, Pravasi Rajasthani Sangh, Raj Purohit samaj etc. Veteran Marxist leader and relentless anti-corruption fighter V.S. Achuthanandan voiced his full support to Anna Hazare?s struggle for a strong Lokpal bill. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) had staged protests across the state condemning detention of Hazare. There were also many other protests and allegations that saw people including writers, rights activists, artists and professionals coming together in large numbers to stand for Anna Hazare's noble cause.


Thousand poured in for the protest rallies held across the state. People under the banner of India Against Corruption in Ajmer organized a dharna at Gandhi Bhavan crossroad and burnt the effigy of the Union government. Students of various colleges participated in the rally from Government College to Gandhi Bhavan crossroad. The Bar Association of Revenue Board organized a rally and therefore suspended work. BJP workers gathered at Gandhi Bhavan crossroad and shouted slogans against UPA government.

Andhra Pradesh:

The voice of Anna reached Andhra Pradesh as well where people demonstrated they support for Anna through a candle light march and signature campaign. The People's Plaza and the Necklace Road Railway station which is the centre point in Hyderabad saw the march of Anna's supporters which included children, youth and freedom fighters. Telangana Jagruthi President K Kavitha besides members of different organisations lighted candles and extended their support to Hazare.

Different districts of Hyderabad also supported the 72 year old social activist by conducting signature campaigns and hunger strikes. Districts like Vizianagaram, Prakasam, Kurnool, Warangal, Adilabad also made their stand.

Leading Telugu film star Akkineni Nagarjuna also supported Hazare's crusade against corruption.
"Support Anna Hazare today for a brighter India tomorrow. Help eradicate corruption. Jai Hind," Nagarjuna tweeted to his friends and supporters.

Speaking in support of Hazare, popular Telugu, Tamil and Hindi actor Siddharth tweeted "it is important that we all remain behind him and show solidarity. If you think hard and pray hard enough, you can move the world. Let Anna feel his country is behind him," the actor said.

Siddharth also wrote "I am not eating the whole day today. I feel guilty eating when a great man who is fighting for me is not (eating)."


Anna Hazare's stir against corruption and fast leading to his arrest had a deep impact in Gujarat which led to Bandh, blocked traffic and fasting by people at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Students and NGO's also took active participation in the protest. The public was very furious after the arrest that they went violent on road. The ruckus led to the arrest of 150 people. Thousands of citizens came on to streets in Ahmedabad. There were more than 15 candle light marches and lights were lit off by the residents of Ahmedabad for the justice of Hazare.