05 August 2011

Now update your status on Google+ and Facebook at once!

Has the current social media swept you off? If you have signed into the two social networking gaints, Google+ and Facebook, the first thing that must be bothering you is how to keep your status updated on both of them at the same time.

Updating your account can be more simple and easy by using the Circles feature on Google+. First, go to www.facebook.com/mobile, login to your account and on the right side of the page you will come across an option to 'upload via email'.

Below the text, you will see your account specific email address, copy it, and then open Google+ and go to Circles. Click on add a new Circle and name it 'Facebook Update'.

Click on "add a new person" and paste your Facebook account specific email address and save it with any name. Now, whenever you update your status in Google+, simply add this circle in your list and it will automatically post the same status on your Facebook wall as well.