03 October 2011

10 Ways to Increase Your IQ

IQ plays a very important role in one?s brain activity which in turn helps in the daily chores of life. Here is a list which helps you keep up with your IQ levels.

Take a deep breath:

While taking a deep breath in a right posture you inhale more oxygen into your brains and your restles
s muscles after your days work. Doing it early morning and after your tiring day will make you feel refreshed and more energetic. You must have seen people in a meeting or before making a presentation they would take a deep breath which helps them rise up their confidence and they start recollecting whatever they forgot. You will become more spontaneous and your brains start working faster. This process if followed daily, your mind becomes more alert and conscious about your surroundings. When you are feeling stressed out and lethargic in the middle of your work routine, take few minutes by implementing this in your daily life by making it a default regime.

Exercise your body:

A light exercise when the sun rises like a brisk walk for 30 minutes or by just walking on the treadmill in your room balcony will keep you physically and mentally fitness. Dancing also helps you to combat stress. Light and simple physical activity will increase your blood flow in brain which keeps you active. You would experience very long meetings at your office so before that just try wandering around your office for a while you will feel the difference.
Avoid too Much Sugar

Forget the popular myth that sugar can give you a high. Actually, sugar or for that matter, any simple carbohydrates taken in large quantities can lull your brain into sweet lethargy. Eating sugar before an all-important event causes insulin to get dumped into your veins, bringing mental activity to an almost grinding halt.

Meditation increases your concentration power. The reason is you tend to concentrate on one thing. Meditation helps you to keep your mind focused.

Caffeine intake:

Intake of tobacco by smoking and chewing will reduce your mental stress is a myth. You become desperate for such habits once you get used to the kick. Playing chess or having a sip of coffee and tea will be very helpful to boost up your energy as the caffeine rich drinks will make you feel refreshed.
Be creative:

Whenever you are free or feeling bored try painting scribbling your thoughts in a paper. This keeps your mind cool and fresh. Buy those craft kits where you can sketch and play with colours. Blogging and google-ing information can make you more intelligent and makes your brain works faster as there
is a lot of researching done on such activities.


Puzzles make you think a lot. They are simple and interesting. It makes your mind work in a healthy way. You won't get tired solving a puzzle. You get pretty much curious. Such activity make you think broader and pushing your mind to think out of the box. This will improve your iq and will stay for long term.


Skimming and scanning are two different types to read a page or a book. Skimming takes less time as you read too fast and scanning takes lot of time. Reading newspapers every morning is a coaching for your mind to learn things faster. This activity will help you to take faster and logical decisions in
your real life.

Follow a proper routine:

Maintain a proper routine in your daily life. Wake up early morning, exercise everyday have a three course meal and sleep in time. This will keep your mind stable and will inculcate self discipline in you.

Gingko Biloba

If you are too lazy to do the things listed above, Gingko Biloba will be the simplest solution. Ginko leaves increase the blood flow to the brain and improvises the function of it. This is an herbal medication without any side effect. If getting the leaves is being impossible there are Gingko cap
sules available in the pharmacies. One thing to be seriously noted; they are delicious.