04 October 2011

Day 22 of Telangana protests, No end to impasse

Agitation over the separate statehood of Telangana is likely to intensify further with TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao expressing his dissatisfaction after meeting with the Prime Minister. KSR accused the Government of deliberately going slow on their demands, the TRS chief has now vowed to continue his fast unto death if their demands are not met soon.

A disappointed K Chandrashekhar Rao after meeting the Prime Minister at 7 RCR on Monday evening said, "PM understood the intensity and urgency and sensitivities of the people, but there is no clear cut promise from the PM."

The TRS chief's son KTR followed suit with a warning of his own, that the Government's lack of will would be rewarded by the relentless strike that enters its 22nd day. He said, "PM appealed to us to call off the strike, but we told him the people were in no mood to call off the strike. I'm very clearly saying that this time the strike would continue.

The Telangana leaders head back to their struggle on Tuesday but insist their Delhi visit wasn't an entire failure.

But even on his way K Chandrasekhar Rao threatened that the Government can't take the situation lightly. "I may go on a hunger strike again," the TRS chief said.

But for now the impasse continues .