03 October 2011

Obama to Cong: Pak Counter-Terror Measures Not Effective

WASHINGTON: Pakistan's counter-terrorism measures have failed to yield results this year with insurgent activities gaining ground and operational situation facing the military there continuing to deteriorate, US President Barack Obama has informed the Congress.

"The return of militant-inspired violence after a 4-month lull following the 2010 floods demonstrated how insurgent elements have managed to survive and even return to many areas previously cleared by the Pakistan military," a White House report sent by Obama to the Congress said.
Obama to Cong: Pak Counter-Terror Measures Not Effective

In fact, the report informs the Congress that Pakistan has moved from "remaining static" to "decline" to "negative trends" in one of the key indicators and metrics of "Pakistan's efforts in counter-terrorism operations" as developed by the Obama administration at the direction of the Congress.

The 25-page unclassified section of the Af-Pak report was submitted by Obama to the Congress on Friday which gives details of the progress made in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the war against terrorism from January to August this year.

Informing the Congress on the progress on fourth metric -- 'Develop Pakistan's counter-insurgency (COIN) capabilities; continue to support Pakistan's efforts to defeat terrorist and insurgent groups', the White House report said indicators and metrics against this objective remained static during the reporting period of January 1 to March 31.

This objective declined during April 1 and June 30, while between July 1 and August 31 it was marked by continued negative trends.