04 October 2011

Why Bad Employees Don't Get Fired?

Have you ever wondered why bad employees don't get fired? Check out why your bad counterparts are rarely dismissed from the company.

1. He brings more value to the company than the costs

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The employee who jokes around, disturbs others and takes long breaks may be a great worker whose output resulted in significant revenue for the company. This can be one of the most vital reasons for him not getting fired.
2. He might know something

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The bad employee might know some embarrassing secret about the boss which the boss might fear of
getting revealed before others. It may also be the case that the bad employee knows to operate an ancient piece of machine which the company still uses. Therefore, the employer may think it is necessary to keep him around.

3. He might have good relationship with higher officials

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The relationship that can keep someone from getting fired is friendship. Yo
ur mischievous colleague might trouble others, take long lunch breaks, arrive late in the office but is a good friend of your boss or may simply be someone that senior management enjoys having around in the office. This may keep him away from being fired.

4. Boss wants to avoid recruitment process

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Most of the time the bosses are simply fed up of the recruitment process as it ta
kes lot of time to review applications, conduct interviews, check references, and train a new person. Instead, the boss may believe that it is easier to deal with the consequences of retaining the bad employee.

5. The boss is scared of the bad employee

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Some bosses are afraid of rowdy employees. They think the bad employee might get f
rantic if fired, and may possibly sue the company. If there is such kind of a threat pondering in the boss's mind, he needs to consult legal or security experts, and take initial measures before firing the employee.