22 November 2011

5 Signs That You Are Overworking

Often it is seen that the high degree of dedication comes at the expense of overworking; this can also be related as being under extreme stress. If you have been experiencing the listed below signs, then you are compromising with your life; here are five signs that indicates you are overworking.

1. Avoiding Family and Friends

You can be a careerist person; however, in order to excel in your career, you should not avoid participating in family affairs. Declining to spend ample time with family means you are overworking. The symptoms that are related to this issue are avoiding shopping or movies with family, unable to help kids for homework, romance turns insignificant, not being able to undertake family responsibilities etc. Stopping all contact from friends like ignoring emails, phone calls etc also indicate that you are under stress.

 temper 2. Loosing Temper and Getting Frustrated

If you are losing your temper easily and getting frustrated, that means you are under heavy work load. It is always advisable to keep yourself away from work stress, especially when you are at home as this can create friction with the family members and can ruin your relationship with them forever. Often it is seen that people who are under heavy work load tend to get divorced or are in an estranged relationship with their spouses. Always remember that your family is the most treasured possession of your life and your objective is to make a great living for the family.

 sleep 3. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is the most regular indication of over-working. Insomnia is a sign of excessive stress. However, it is always seen that sleep deprivation can cause nervous breakdown. It is best to avoid certain circumstances where you need to take pills to fall asleep. This kind of a problem can be of major concern as this problem of yours can ruin your blooming career. A sound sleep is very much needed for a healthy living. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep this kind of problem at bay.

 smoke 4. Excessive Smoking and Drinking

It is always said that smoking is injurious to heath. Therefore, it is not a wise decision to smoke or drink excessively in order to de-stress yourself. Always remember that heath is wealth and it should not be ignored in order to acquire a dream career. A failure to maintain good heath due to work stress can prove to be disastrous.

 sick 5. Extended Sickness

Are you suffering from a prolonged sickness like a lasting body ache or perennial cold? If yes, then you are going over
engrossed with your work. Extended period of sickness can cause massacre in your healthy life. It can also ruin your career as well. The best way to rejuvenate your body from the chronic sickness is to take a relaxing vacation. Also try to keep your mind and body free from stress by listening to a great music or watching an amusing movie.