29 December 2011

10 Flop Products and Services of 2011

For everything missed, something is gained, and for everything gained, something is missed. The above saying is likely to be common in all the aspects of life. Here is the list of top 10 loosers who flunked miserably from their products and services they promoted in the year 2011.

Cisco’s Flip camcorders

Cisco made an official announcement to withdraw its “Flip” HD camcorders in the month of April .Though this Flip camcorders has brought the success face to Cisco, It has now planned to provide services from businesses in to the home through Linksys products and consumer Telepresence solutions. Cisco has promised to provide Technical support for “Flip” until Dec 2013.

End of Verizon’s unlimited plan

Verizon has put a full stop for its unlimited data plan for its new customers who are planning to buy a smart phone with Verizon, this includes the iphone customers as well, whereas The Existing customers can continue enjoying their unlimited Data according to their plan until they get upgraded to their smart phones .In case of over usage from the limit it has planned to charge $10/GB.

Google Knol waves hand on its way to home 

Google Knol which is said to be the knowledge center next to Wikipedia is now been terminated by Google .It has planned an Exit strategy for Knol content which is transferred to wordPress based platform “Annotum”. Google launched knol in the year of 2008 which existed for three long years as good competitor of Wikipedia.

Yahoo Bid’s Good Bye to Alta vista

The first great search engine may be the second greatest search engine after Google’s arrival has now put up his way off to the glory. Yahoo who is the former customer and the current owner of Alta Vista has decided to ditch Alta vista. The other victims in yahoo’s list is MyBloglog, Delicious,Yahoo!Buzz.

No web OS’s from HP for its Devices

HP’s Pre 3, Veer smart phones and Touch Pad tablets will not have their web OS’s any more were it will be alive on PC’s and hard devices like printers and appliances. The company says it will continue investing on the development of web OS especially web OS’s for improvement of Windows. It is currently looking for potential partners to join for its web OS development in 2012.

Google shuts down Google labs

Google labs which played a major role in developing Gmail, Google maps and Google calendar will remain closed from now on .The  authorized sources from Google said  that it is because of the streamlining efforts which was implemented in July. The only consolation is that Gmail and Google maps which is still working.

No more “Zune” from Microsoft

Though Microsoft has not made any declaration about its production of “Zune” It is understood from Microsoft’s online store saying “Zune” is out of supply. Therefore it will remain out of reach hence forth for consumers. zune players were the first Microsoft product which was embedded in Windows phones, Windows 8 and The Xbox 360.

Dell Streak reaches grave

The tablet which got bad reviews came out with 5 and 7 inch versions based on Nvidia Tegra 2 Android platform. Though it was priced $100 less than Samsung Galaxy tab consumers find it to be bulky for usage. It came out with a price tag of $200 which is admirable but the two years contract from AT&T was a disappointment.

 Google Health looses life

Google which has already taken a step back in stopping its services in some of its sectors has now announced to close “Google Health” .It was created in order to let users to create and maintain a record of all their Health information. Now it nod’s to continue it service henceforth .Google has also planned to shut down its power meter service.

 Rested in peace white MacBook

It was a great fall for apple when it launched its entry level laptop pricing $999. This white Apple book is popular for education oriented purpose will remain a feast when it is re launched by reducing its price. Apple has increased the processing speed from 2GHz to 2.13GHz when compared with the aluminum unibody  MacBook.