19 December 2011

10 Things Bad Managers Say

In an organization we go through different problems. The problems may arise through the work we do or it can be created by our senior executives. Many of the managers who acquire higher positions attain the attitude of egoism very soon. They will start dominating on the employees who are under them.

If anyone goes through such kind of a situation, there is no other way than to face it. They will feel helpless, as they are unable to fight back. They set back from sharing their views with the higher authority as they feel that they may lose the job.

In most of the companies, the managers have the habit of humiliating, oppressing on the employees. They start ruling on their employees who work for them.

'Stop what you are doing and do this now':

Many managers in a company start dominating on the younger employees by ordering them assignments anytime they want. There may be situations, where even they are forced to take such a step. Many employees go through many emergencies and deadlines in their work. Sometimes they face situations where they get last minute deadlines which make them very stressful. There are managers who just reject the ideas and opinions that are given by employees as they just want to order their own thoughts above them. Sometimes they start asking the employees to leave all their work and start the work they give at that moment.

'I need only solutions not problems':

In an office, we see managers who just want everything to be completely perfect. They don?t like anything to go wrong at any situation. If at all any problem arises in the company they are least interested in giving solutions to those problems. Instead of suggesting their opinions they dump all the problems on the employees who work under them and ask them to find solutions immediately. They just end up in saying not to get any problems to his reference as he just wants them to find solutions for it. And sometimes they are not even interested in the problems that are faced by the company.

'You're lucky to have this job':

This is a really bad habit that most of the managers have. They start telling their employees those things which hurt them the most. Even they tell those things from their point of view on how they think about a particular employee, they just refer it to everyone thinks in the same way as he does. The problem here is, the managers don't want to be blamed alone if his opinion turns wrong in the end.

'You're lucky to have this job':

Many of the managers start threatening their employees that they are very lucky to have their current job. They say it in a threatening attitude because to make the employees feel that they are under threat of losing the job at any moment if they do any mistakes. This may affect them in a really bad way as the start working under threat of losing the job. They fail to enjoy the work they do.

'If you don't want this job,I can find someone to replace you':

Whenever an employee ends up in doing any mistake, it's like he or she has dropped them into a problem. If an employee takes his problem to their managers, the managers sometimes become helpless or some of them become least bothered to help their employees in solving their situations. They just say they have all the rights to replace another employee in their place.

'I don't like your idea. I don't pay you to think'

If any employee suggests an idea, the only thing an egoistic manager will do is, he just drop the opinions suggested by the employee, by telling him that he cannot pay for the ideas they give him for the success of the company. This behavior of the managers just embrass the employees and this can make the employees to stay back even if they are having good ideas. If the manager continues to have such an attitude towards their employees they may loose their employees as they may quit from the company.

'You have to finish this and then leave'

In most of the companies, the employees will not be able to discuss their problems with the managers are they are not been heard by the manager even if they are ready to share their problems. Many managers say that you must not leave the office until and unless you don't finish the given work and sometimes even they start threatening that if they disobey their given work they are much into trouble of loosing the job. This forces the employees to overwork even if they dislike.

'I am not going to do whatever you just suggested':

This happens in many of the companies. The manager starts believing that what ever they tell that is final and the decision they take must be respected by everyone without any comments. If an employee suggests any ideas, the manager can satirically say that they can just take their opinions as suggestions. This response by the manager can make the employee feel happy but, what the mangers meant may by totally different. They might have said that they are in no need of any opinions by the employees.

'Just do how much I have asked you to do':

This is very common in many companies. The egoistic managers do not carry the habit of encouraging their employees for their achievement. They just do not like the employees to grow up in their career. If an employee takes a good decision without the permission of the manager, the manager just rejects the overall decision that is taken by the employee even if the managers feels the idea is good. The only reason for them to reject the decision is that they were not approached by the employees when they took that decision.

'Sounds like a personal problem to me':

This is a big threat to the employees when the manager starts interfering in the personal issues of the employees. This is a really a big threat for the women employees when the manager is a man. They will be in much trouble when they tell their problem to them and when the manager starts telling this sounds like a personal problem to me. This is really a big problem because if the manager starts interfering in the personal problems of the employees, the employees will be facing such a bad situation because if they hesitate to tell the problem to him, the manager can creat more problem in their professional life.