16 December 2011

5 Things Worth Spending Your Money On

The economic downturn has made us cautious about whipping out our wallets on a whim. Most of the purchases we make regularly are meant to satisfy basic needs. But at least some of the purchases we make each month are meant to be experienced because money spent in a right way can buy happiness. But there are certain things in life that are simply worth shelling out money for, no matter how tight your budget is. And talking about frugally-minded people, they know when to spend money just as well as they know when not to.  They spend money when it is wise and in their best interest.

Here’s a list of things worth spending your money on:


Every knows the importance of having an insurance policy. As it removes uncertainty of financial losses when an unexpected event or loss occurs. It's always better to be safe than regret, and insurance policies can sure make you feel well protected. But not all insurance are worth spending money on. There are certain insurance policies you can’t do without like life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, jewelry insurance, health insurance.

Home Repairs

When you have purchased your own home, there are going to be times when you need to have repairs done. You need not dread or fear when you think of making some repairs at home or rectifying some problems. Because disasters and accidents might mean that you need to fix or address something before you had planned on doing it. Planning ahead and knowing what it will cost will help eliminate barriers during the process.

Auto Repairs

The secret for keeping your car well-maintained and reliable is finding the right mechanic who is reasonable in his price and doesn’t cheat you. If the car's running, you can take it to competing shops for estimates. Else you can choose the repair shop who deals directly with your auto insurance company, and this way you could pay the deductible. You look for discounts even on smaller charges.


There isn’t enough that can be said about the importance of getting an education and aspiring to a lifetime of learning. Education is crucial and cannot be neglected as it will help you by providing an income in strengthening self worth. If you want to be more successful in life, spend more on your personal development than on your next hairstyle. The money you put in your education account is an investment in yourself that can reap unbelievable returns.


There's no price you can put on memories and special experiences, but don't go into debt for the sake of worldly education. The urge to save money is a defining characteristic of the budget traveler. You should look for different ways to save money. Looks for packages that offer you discounts. Book your flight tickets well in advance. And don’t splurge your money on things that you are not going to use when you pay your visit to the local markets.