06 December 2011

5 Weird Business Ideas That Made Millions

Necessity is the mother of all inventions, but some inventions were not the result of any necessity. It was just a weird idea to bring it alive. Their ideas struck the right point and the inventors earned millions of dollars through their idea. Here we bring to you five such weird ideas that made millions.

An Affair Website for Married People

Ashleymadison.com, weird business idea that made millions“Life is short. Have an affair” is the slogan of a dating website, Ashleymadison.com. It is a website for people who want to cheat on their partners. Unlike traditional dating websites, the site is meant for those individuals already in relationships who are seeking extra thrills and excitement through discreet relationships and casual encounters. The site founder is a former attorney Noel Biderman. His mission can be perceived as very wrong, but the fact is that the site claims to have more than 3.2 million members.  The search feature allows one to find compatible prospects anywhere from 20 to 500 miles. Members can manage their profiles stating preferences, tastes and desires as well as add up to 13 personal photos.

Selling Jam out Of His Grandmother's Recipe

Fraser Doherty, SuperJam, Weird business idea that made millionsThe Scottish entrepreneur from Edinburgh and the CEO of SuperJam, Fraser Doherty became a millionaire in a more traditional way by making jams at the age of 14 from his grandmother’s recipes in his parents’ kitchen. Originally his customer  base was from his church, but business picked up quickly and by the age of 16, he left school to work on his jam business SuperJam full-time. Waitrose, a high-end supermarket in the U.K., approached him in 2007 to sell his SuperJam products in their stores. SuperJam sells around 500,000 jars a year and currently has around 10 percent of the U.K. jam market.

Selling Glasses for Dogs

Doggles, Goggles for dogs, Weird business idea that made millionsDo dogs need goggles? Not really. If they do not need one, does anyone sell them? Yes, and not only this, they have made more than a million dollars off the idea. The company uses more of green or recycled fabrics and materials in their product as possible. featured on CNN, Women’s World, People, Regis and Kelly, National Geographic and Animal Planet, the company offers products ranging from goggles to other accessories for animals that include Backpacks, Flotation Jackets, T Shirts, Caps and Toys.

The Microwaveable Pillows

Microwavable pollow, Weird business ideasA little bag that provides soothing penetrating moist heat was created by Kim Levine and named it as “Wuvit”. She realized that if she put some corn in cloth, sewed it together and then put it in the microwave, a warm relaxing pillow would be created and thus her multimillion dollar business came into existence. Initially the idea was meant for her kids and for people in her local area, but soon she realized her idea to have infused great potential. She started going to local retailers and craft shows and eventually got a major break when Saks Department Store decided to put the Wuvit products in their stores.

Selling Pixels at a Webpage for $1 Million

Selling Pixels, Alex Tew, Weird business ideasThe time when Alex Tew just began studying business at the University of Nottingham, he came up with an idea to fund his education. He thought that $1 per pixel was a reasonable price for a solitary pixel floating around in a cyberspace. He founded his company called 'The Million Dollar Homepage". Tew bought a web domain, laid out an area of 1million pixels and sold them in $100 blocks. Advertisement ranged from online casinos to Target and everything in between. This was The Million Dollar Homepage. Although it was an extremely simple idea, the unique project attracted enormous amount of press coverage and eventually earned $1,037,100 in a matter of months.