07 December 2011

Best Ways for Teenagers to Earn Pocket Money

It can be difficult for kids to find jobs in this economy, especially with so many adults out of work and these adults are taking jobs that kids had as a summer job or a job during the school year. Teenagers find it really challenging to make money when they are too young to have a regular job. Plus being students the extracurricular load and homework leash hardly provides them time for an after-school job. Being a teenager you are definitely looking for extra allowance to buy more clothes, to hang out with your pals or something else you wish too. If you think the money given to you by your parents is not enough nor can your parents afford to give you more pocket money. Don’t get disappointed, all it requires of you is to take a little initiative, a bit of hard work, and creative mind. In order to make money without having a regularly scheduled job, you can look for certain job opportunities.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Edit Other Student’s Essays and Papers

If you have a great command over the language English, then you can consider taking up this job.  Students who write articles don’t find it interesting to proof read their own essays because they spend a great amount of time just to research a subject and write on that subject, many are simply too worn out to bother checking the paper for grammatical errors and content. For such students you can consider editing their papers.  Spread the message across your school that you are offering to proof read papers. It is compulsory you mention the fee along with it.

Offer Private Lessons in a Skill You're Good at

The skills I am referring to is not just soccer, basketball, cooking, swimming.  But this concept works particularly well with instruments such as guitar, clarinet, piano, or saxophone. You would get many offers for this because a private lesson from a professional musician is very expensive. Even if it’s half an hour they have to spend a lot on this. The more marketable the skill, the more you can charge.

Babysitting Services

Babysitting is very popular job for teens. On weekends or during summer months many parents are looking for responsible teens to babysit. If you are willing to spare your free time you can make easy and fast cash. For this you can take some classes at local school on the subject, how to take care of new born or older babies. If you love kids, you would definitely enjoy this task. There are a number of ways to find babysitting jobs online. If you are using this method, you browse through various online search engines and classified ads.  Part time jobs usually pay less than full time jobs, but they allow more flexibility and are ideal for students,

Provide Services

Providing a service earns a teen money while allowing them to set their own schedule. You can provide services to your neighbors like lawn-mowing, car washing, dog walking, pet sitting etc. Now a day’s many professionals are so occupied with their jobs that they hardly have any time to take care of their property. And they are willing to pay anyone who offers to provide services that are helpful. Car washing is another good jobs for kids. You should get some tip to clean their cars or other vehicles. Gardening, this job will take 15-20 minutes every day. In free time you can do this to get pocket money.

News paper Distribution

If you enjoy being outdoors and wouldn’t mind riding a bike or walking for a few hours a few days a week then paper delivery jobs may be the perfect place for them to find employment. You can start by contacting local papers directly via phone or visiting their office directly. If you aren’t have luck with the direct approach you can try online job boards, checking open jobs on the papers website, or in the job section of the paper itself. Many teenagers are earning extra money by rolling and distributing news papers in their area. You can earn more money with a larger paper route.