16 December 2011

E-Commerce Sites That Closed Shop In 2011

Casualties have become a daily picture with the e-commerce sector. There are several sites that faced casualties and died. Below mentioned are five such e-commerce sites that are non-existent now.

MSN Mall

MSN Mall, The B2C e-commerce site. MSN Mall was shutdown as it was not able to withstand the competition with Taobao Mall. MSN Mall was established in 2009 by MSN China. The shutdown meant that both the standalone yobrand.com site and the msn.yobrand.com domain are now closed.


taggleFounded in June 2010 by John Kuruvilla, Taggle has officially shut down its operations. Due to heavy competition in the market, the e-commerce companies are selling their products below cost price to attract consumers, but on the way they are burning investors’ money. Taggle founded this to be against their philosophy, thus resulting in its closure.


vamooseLaunched by TravelMart India, Vamoose is currently offline. The site offered discounts for the leisure vacations category, packages such as weekend getaways to hill stations, national and international vacations, adventure packages along with wellness packages. Launched in April 2011, the sites has been merged into the parent company TravelMart.


kalahariDue to low margin, the South African media giant Naspers through its Internet arm MIH shut down the e-commerce site Kalahari.co.in just two years after its launch. Kalahari is an online store, which borrows its concept from the world’s largest e-commerce platform -  Amazon, provided a platform for the Kenyans to purchase online. The site’s operation in Kenya and Nigeria  was closed after following a strategic review of investment priorities. The performance was below expectation since launch and reaching profitability was not a reasonable near-term prospect for the company, they decided to shut it down.


youaYoua, an e-commerce subsidiary of the Chinese search engine, was shut down as they were in the verge of making a new e-commerce platform that will better leverage its search engine technology. The closure of the site has been set up to rival Alibaba’s popular online shopping site, Taobao. Youa failed to gain traction with the majority of online users who preferred to use Taobao to buy and sell goods online.