08 December 2011

Government Brings Final Lokpal Draft, Anna Rejects

Lokpal Bill is likely to be taken up from 19th December in parliament. Prime Minister will be included with safeguards.  Government is to give serious concern for setting Group C under Lokpal Bill, Government says on Lokpal Bill Amendment.

After the nine months of hoot, Lokpal Bill is drafted for the final. Parliament approved the final version of the Lokpal Bill. Complications and allegations are not ending with the closure draft, newest report shows. But the final draft will is to place in the parliament on December 9 whereas ‘Team Anna’ strongly disagrees with the proposed final amendment of Lokpal Bill as it found no consideration for the recommended changes.

The key conflicts between the Parliament Lokpal Bill and the Jana Lokpal Bill is to rule the media again. The Team Anna Hazare expresses its great dissatisfaction on the final draft.  The latest Lokpal Bill version says, it will scrutinize corruption complaints except trap cases.

Arvind Kejriwal, the supporter of Anti-Corruption Movement who fights for the greater transparency in Government told the media that Lokpal Bill Final Draft will change nothing but brings CBI under Lokpal. Though, 34 points are given by the civil society, the final draft of the Parliamentary Standing Committee have been considered only one or two points out of this.

The Parliamentary panel suggests that Group C and Group D employees would come under Central Vigilance Commission (CVC). "CVC has only 230 employees. How can these 230 employees keep a track of 57 lakh employees? You need to have at least 28,000 employees," Kejriwal told the media.

Anti-Corruption Movement by activist Anna Hazare has already carried out two major campaigns against corruption. It could divert a large number of people to participate in the movement on ‘clean out corruption from the governmental system.’ They raised voice against corrupted democracy by holding hands with ‘Team Anna’.

The 73-old Anna Hazare already warned the Parliament if the Lokpal Bill Final Draft by the Parliamentary Committee cannot satisfy the civil people, he will immediately start his next demonstration at Delhi from December 11.

The proposed anti-corruption law, citizen’s ombudsman bill is considered as the effective improvement to the original Lokapal Bill. 

It was Anna Hazare who brought the Lokpal Bill into the centre core of the news in national media. He sat on five days fast in April and a 12-day fast in August for sorting out the best on Lokpal Bill.

After it tabled in Parliament, within next 10 working days, the amended version of the Lokpal Bill will be placed in the two Houses of Parliament.

The major decisions in final draft will cover whether PM should be brought under Lokpal, CBI existence and the lower bureaucracy. It will be mentioning the accountability of judiciary and also about the Citizen’s charter. There is a large conflict on this.

Anyway, we want to wait till the amendment take place with authorization. These nine months of anticipation could make a big change in the Lokpal Bill?