02 December 2011

India 5th Most Vacation Deprived Country

A vacation or a holiday is a trip especially for the purpose of rejuvenation. But this notion of breaking down from work is seemingly vanishing. A study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Expedia.com, which is a leading online travel agency reveals the countries that are deprived of vacations. The study was conducted in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, among 7,803 employed adults in September and October 2011. It revealed about who gets how many holidays and how they use them or waste rather and also their view-points towards a holiday trip. The top ten vacation deprived countries among them are as follows:

1. Japan:

Japan tops among all as a most deprived country. Nearly 55 percent of the holidays provided to them are unused. Financial status is the most important reason for not planning a holiday, along with their work life. 50 percent of the Japanese people postpone their holidays because of their work. They can’t leave their work behind. Japanese workers remains firmly connected to the office while on vacation, as 20 percent of them regularly keep an eye on their inbox to check their e-mails as they can’t leave work behind, which is the highest among all other countries. 25 percent of them have not travelled more than a year.

 2. Mexico:

Among a study done on 411 Mexican employees, 49 percent of them stick to their work before and being on a vacation as others can’t afford to leave their work behind. Mexicans prefer to have one or two extended holidays per year and desire to spend it on a beach. 25 percent can’t afford a trip, and 38 percent don’t schedule a trip far enough in advance. 54 percent postpone their holidays for work. 76 percent of the Mexican bosses are supportive of holidays for employees but they only don’t use it well.

3. Canada:

Canada ranks third among this list. 22 percent of the world’s nicest bosses are there from Canada, but 10 percent of them can’t leave their work behind. Some can’t afford a vacation; some don’t take enough initiative to schedule it properly. Out of 15 holidays provided to them, they enjoy 14, which is not that bad compared to others. They prefer to spend their vacations on beaches rather than opting for a romantic one.

 4. Unites States:

20 percent of the Americans didn’t travel for more than a year, which is the second highest among other countries. They are supposed to get less holidays in 2011, but then also couldn’t make the most of it. The top reason for other countries for not having vacations is monetary, but American workers don’t have any such problems as they are most financially sound. Rather they have a different crisis i.e. they can’t afford to take a vacation time. They treat vacation as an extravagance rather than a mode of revitalization of mind.

5. India:

India ranks fifth in this list. Out of 25 provided holidays, Indians wastes 20 percent of it. “In India, vacations tend to be viewed as a guilty habit, as many as 54 percent Indians spend vacations usually secretly checking emails. One can assume that the days not availed are spent working in Offices” Manmeet Ahluwalia, marketing head of Expedia India said on this note. Indians like to earn cash for their unused holidays rather than planning one. Because of their workplace commitments, they end up being destitute towards their holidays. 62 percent of the employed Indians postpone their vacation for work. Most of the Indians prefer beaches for holidays.

6. Australia:

Australia is a vacation moderate country according to the survey, where they waste 5 holidays among 20 provided. They mostly opt for one long and many shorter vacations. 34 percent of them completely detach themselves from the whereabouts of their work and enjoys their vacations. 64 percent of them never postpone their holidays for any reason, may it be work or fiscal. Approximately half of the Australians enjoy their vacation fully as soon as they leave.

7. South Korea:

Koreans mostly tend to waste 30 percent of their holidays provided, among which mostly don’t have time or they can’t afford to plan it too early and rest wants to get paid for their unused holidays. 51 percent of them keep in touch with work while holidaying, though South Korean got 52 percent of the world’s meanest bosses.


8. Ireland:

Among 301, employed adults, it is seen that 37 percent of them have multiple short trips and a long trips as vacations. This vacation moderate country mostly prefers summer as a vacation time. 67 percent of them opt for vacation despite of all other circumstances and sometimes only check their e-mails while on holidays i.e. only 41 percent of them.

9. Argentina:

They mostly seize all of their holidays, but can’t afford long vacations because of monetary matters. Hence they choose shorter holidays and mostly tend to go to beaches in summer. 47 percent of them never tend to postpone their holidays for work. Hence Argentina is a vacation moderate country and mostly likes to spend their vacations with family and children.