02 December 2011

Is Pakistan Turning into a Taliban State?

As the families of the victims mourn for their loved ones and the country remembers the brave hearts, the masterminds behind the 26/11 Mumbai attacks vowed to convert Pakistan into a Taliban state to wage jihad against its India and the U.S. The fearsome statement came at a time when the country has a troubled relationship with its once close ally U.S. and Obama refusing to apologize over the unprovoked NATO strike which killed 26 of its soldiers.
Is Pakistan Turning into a Taliban State?

The prominent leaders of Jamaat-ud-Dawah, the banned terrorist group behind the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 164 people, have publically vowed to turn Pakistan into a ‘Taliban State’. Addressing a protest condemning the NATO strike on the Pakistani Soldiers, Senior JuD leader Ameer Hamza said that the group will train youths to wage a war against the U.S. and India. He said the Pakistan Army chief should know he had the full support of the group, which would turn its followers into skilled fighters.

JuD, wildly considered to be the cover organization for Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT), played a key role during the recent floods in Pakistan and India named its chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed as the one of its most wanted terrorists. The United Nations had named the group a terrorist organization in December 2008 and its senior leader Ameer Hamza said, “JuD will make all of its fighters into Taliban. There will be Taliban in Punjab University, in Government College, in Agriculture University Faisalabad," referring to many of the leading educational institutions in the province.

He also warned that the group would pack the U.S. off its soil if the government does not ‘kick the U.S. out of not Shamsi and Shahbaz airbases’. Another leader Abdul Rehman Makki asked the people to take revenge and said, “We will kill Americans” and claimed that the organization has trained hundreds of thousands of people for jihad.

“Thousands of fighters are ready and waiting for a call from our leader Hafiz Saeed", said JuD Leader Saifullah Mansoor.

The extremist group had held serious protests recently against the government move to grant the ‘Most Favoured Nation (MFN)’ trade status to India.