14 December 2011

Mumbai Tops in Quality of Life Survey

Professionalism and commitment took Mumbai to the top in the list of IMRB-Quality of Life survey. Mumbai scored 3.3 in the survey conducted across eight cities for Times of India by the market research firm IMRB.

 Mumbai scored highest for its dedication and steady effort to work despite terrorist attacks, strikes and natural disasters. Even though crimes like murders, robberies, molestation and abduction are on a higher rate, Mumbai still falls under the safest cities category. According to IMRB, Ahmedabad and Mumbai have received an equal rating of 3.1 and have the finest law and order among the eight cities. The survey ratings of Mumbai and Ahmedabad are slightly more compared to Pune (3) and Hyderabad (2.9) but better than Delhi, which is 2.4.

Vaijayanti Pandit, Senior Director of FICCI said, "Mumbai is aggressive in the workplace and workers across professions (businesspersons to informal workers) set high standards of aspirations and ambitions,” as reported by Times of India.

A survey report by travel portal, Expedia.com, said that Mumbaikars have scored less on taking holidays and maximum people have cancelled or postponed their vacations because of work commitment.  The Times of India report said that 32 percent of the employees in Mumbai take 21-30 days off a year, whereas in Delhi, 37 percent takes a leave of around one month; while others like Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai stand at 34 percent.

According to the survey, crime rate has come down in the city. This year the number of murders has reduced to 193 from 206 in 2010 and burglaries number has reduced to 2,532 from 2,834 in the previous year.