16 December 2011

Nokia Makes a Re-Entry to U.S. Market with $50 Smartphone

Nokia re-enters the U.S. market with the launch of Lumia 710, an entry–level Smartphone. The handset is targeted to the cost conscious buyers, as it can be availed for $50 from 11th January onwards. The smartphone, offered by T-Mobile, is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software.

 Lumia 710 features a 3.7-inch screen, 1.4GHz single-core Qualcomm processor, 8 GB of storage and a 5-megapixel camera. The Nokia handset can also be availed with a turn-by-turn navigation built in as well as an ESPN app that is exclusive to Nokia's Windows phones. The device will be able to access speeds of 14.4 megabits per second on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. The T-Mobile version of the Lumia 710 will also have pre-loaded Netflix along with T-Mobile TV, a great video service. The phone can be availed mostly in White or Black.

The Lumia 710 is T-Mobile's second handset powered by Mango, which will accompany two other windows 7 devices, the HD7, T-Mobile’s first WP7 smartphone, and $99 HTC Radar 4G, marked already on sale. The Lumia 710 is the lower priced one of the two handsets already released in Europe and Asia with a price tag of 270 euros, equivalent to $351.