23 December 2011

Top 10 Acquisitions of 2011

Here are the world’s top ten acquisitions for the year 2011 which includes business in various sectors IT M&A, software as a service (SaaS), mobility, big data, and social networking. The list also carries Original Equipment Manufacturing Deals which are product based.

Google will party harder this New year’s eve for Acquiring more than fifty companies this year, 22 deals are approved for transaction and the rest are awaited.

1. Microsoft corp joins hands with Skype to post video chat

Transaction Value: $8.5 billion

Skype did an outstanding job from its origination and Microsoft has decided to pay a whopping $8.5 billion to add and improve the video chat capabilities and post videos in multimedia products like Xbox Live, Windows phone and also the recently launched  IE 8.




2. Google with Motorola for patency protection

Transaction value: $12.5 billion

It is said that Motorola spinoff has agreed for the deal who are makers of smartphones and Tv Set-top Boxes with Google .This is is the second largest Tech deal of 2011.Motorola’s Extensive patency of its Android version phones  has drawn Google to agree for the deal .Sources says that Google will also join with  Motorola to produce Google TV  and to launch  IPTV service.

 3. SAP with SuccessFactors to post success

Transaction Value: $3.4 billion

SAP who was finding it difficult to move its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to cloud computing will hence forth buy SuccessForce who is a cloud computing giant in HR, Recruitment and collaboration software. SAP is expected to make a vigorous move  in cloud computing co-CEO Bill McDermott.




4.  HP devours Autonomy

Transaction Value: $10.2 billion

Inactive for a year now with hardware businesses HP has taken a leap with its acquisition of Autonomy. The deal initiated under the leadership of Leo Apotheker to will now transform HP into more of software and services company.

 5. Texas instruments invests with National Semiconductors

Transaction Value: $6.5 billion

Texas Instruments  remarkable acquisition of Nation Semiconductors to increase the production of analog processors became a reality this September. National Semiconductor which an equivalent competitor for Texas instruments  will increase the gain in their market shares help to deliver more.



6.  Applied material pumps in $4.9bn on Varian

Transaction Value -$4.9 billion

Applied materials has agreed for the compensation for the solar panels and LED’s manufactured by Varian. The main aim of Applied materials is to manufacture equipments for computer chips. This deal was completed  in November.

 7. Western Digital nod’s for Hitachi Hard Disk drives

Transaction value: $4.3 billion

Western digital has decided to explore production path with Hitachi’s hard disk  drives. But this move has made some regulators from Europe compel Hitachi to sell some of its credits before approving the deal.





8. Broadcom approaches Netlogic for Internet Data

Transaction value: $3.7 billion

Netlogic a Leader in Network Communications Processors will be taken over by Broadcomm  a global leader and innovator in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications. This merger will help Broadcom to manufacture chip fot the data which is Transmitted on the Internet.

 9. Qualcomm will have its surname as Atheros

Transaction Value: $3.1 billion

Leading deliverers of Wireless chipsets for smart phones Qualcomm will be henceforth called Qualcomm Atheros. This deal with Atheros will help Qualcomm to manufacture chip for Wireless Devices.




10.  CenturyLink 25 billion acquisition of Savvis

Transaction Value: $25 billion

Centurylink, the third largest Telecom network after its recent purchase of Qwest this April laid hands on Savvis and will strive to provide better services for managing businesses.