04 January 2012

Wait! It's Not the Right Time to Buy Gadgets

Waiting is always boring, and it becomes even more tedious if it’s for those gadgets you love to have. But this time your wait is going to be worth as 2012 is coming up with a whole new generation of gadgets. The about to happen CES 2012 in January and the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2012 in February will be displaying a range of innovative and high performing devices from all the big players.

A small wait will fetch you numerous Smartphones with Android’s Ice Cream sandwich flavor, cheaper and efficient variants of Intel’s Ultrabooks, several Android tablets with quad-core CPU’s, Amazon’s new Fire into the market, tablets with window 8 and Apple’s big plan for its Macbook Air, iPhone 5 and the anticipated Apple TV.

Presently the gadgets in the market are all the same and were available to you from the beginning of 2011; therefore if you are planning to invest money make sure it’s worthwhile because within few months the gadgets which you will owe now may become outdated due to the fact that the gadget world is at the verge of taking the next big leap during the first quarter of 2012.  

There is one product with an exception, the HDTV’s. With the entry of SmartTV  the price of HDTV has came down and it’s the best time to buy one because the retailers are trying to get rid of the 2011 models before the SmartTVs actually penetrate the TV market.

All the gadget fans out there, be patient and wait a bit because your patients will be rewarded with something really better for sure.