16 February 2012

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The News - News

Apple tests Smaller Tablet with Eight-Inch Screen

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 09:18 PM PST

Apple is working with component suppliers in Asia to test a new version of its popular tablet computer with a smaller screen, US media reported Tuesday.

Officials at some of Apple’s suppliers, who declined to be named, said the company has shown them screen designs for a new tablet with a screen size of about eight inches, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

Apple's 8

In comparison, the iPad tablets Apple has launched so far feature 9.7-inch screens, said Xinhua.

A smaller tablet would help Apple broaden its product offerings, and therefore compete better with rivals such as Samsung Electronics and Amazon to maintain its dominant market share.

Latest numbers from market research firm IDC showed that Apple captured 61.5 percent of global tablet market share in the third quarter of 2011, down from 68.3 percent in the previous quarter.

The news of Apple testing a smaller tablet comes as the company is reportedly preparing to unveil a new iPad in early March which is expected to have a similar screen size of around 9.7 inches with the current generation of iPad 2.

But the Wall Street Journal report also noted that Apple, which works with suppliers to test new designs all the time, could opt not to proceed with the smaller tablet.

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Kasab Given a Fair Trial, says Maharashtra Government

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 09:09 PM PST

The Maharashtra government today refuted the allegation of the sole convict in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack case, Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, that he was not given fair trial and said death sentence awarded to him was a permissible means of punishment.

Former Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam, appearing for the state government, contended that Kasab was never tortured or maltreated and there has been no violation of his constitutional rights.


“At no point of time he was tortured or maltreated by the authorities and there has been no failure of constitutional rights given to him,” he submitted before a bench comprising justices Aftam Alam and C K Prasad. Subramaniam also submitted that death sentence, which has been awarded to Kasab, is a permissible means of punishment.

Referring to the entire sequence of events leading to the 26/11 attack, which was planned by Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) in Pakistan, he submitted that had Kasab not been caught alive, then it would not have been possible to know that outsiders were involved in the mayhem.

24-year-old Kasab had yesterday pleaded with the Supreme Court to commute his death sentence to life imprisonment. Senior advocate Raju Ramachandran, who has been appointed amicus curiae by the apex court to defend Kasab, had told the bench that he was not a part of the larger conspiracy for waging war against the nation.

Stressing on Kasab’s age as an important factor to commute his sentence, he had pleaded for a lenient approach as he was drawn into it as a result of exploitation of religious faith and false ideology.

Maintaining that the prosecution has failed to prove the case against Kasab beyond doubts, he had said that his right against self-incrimination as well as his right to get himself adequately represented by a counsel to defend himself in the case had been violated during the trial.

The apex court had on October 10 last year stayed the death sentence of Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist involved in the November 2008 Mumbai attack.

In the special leave petition (SLP) filed by Kasab challenging the Bombay High Court judgement, he had claimed he was brainwashed like a “robot” into committing the heinous crime in the name of “God” and that he does not deserve capital punishment owing to his young age.


Kasab, who is lodged in Arthur Road prison in Mumbai, had moved the SLP through the jail authorities. He had challenged his conviction and death sentence in the terror attack case.

Kasab, along with nine other Pakistani terrorists, had landed at Budhwar Park in south Mumbai on November 26, 2008, night after travelling from Karachi by sea and had gone on a shooting spree at various city landmarks, leaving 166 people dead and many more wounded.

While Kasab was captured, the other terrorists in the group were killed by security forces during the counter-terror operations. He was sentenced to death by a special anti-terror court on May 6, 2010.

The Bombay High Court had on February 21, last year, upheld the trial court order of death sentence to Kasab for the “brutal and diabolical” attacks aimed at “destabilising” the government.

Kasab’s death penalty was upheld on charges of criminal conspiracy, waging war against the nation and various other provisions of the Indian Penal Code and the anti-terror law — Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

The high court had upheld Kasab’s conviction on 19 counts under the IPC, Arms Act, Explosives Act, Explosive Substances Act, Foreigners Act, Passport Act and Railway Act.
Source: PTI

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6 Deadly Financial Sins

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 09:03 PM PST

To maintain finance, it's good to know what you should do with your money but tips what you shouldn't do will make you smarter financially. Here are six deadly financial sins – which you should never commit.

Co-signing a Loan

When you co-sign with your partner for a loan, it means you are agreeing to pay if the partner fails to pay. The lender may catch hold of you if your partner doesn't make payments. Even if you are sure you could cover the payments, experts' advice that you should step back and ask why you are being asked to co-sign. Is it because the borrower has a bad credit score and sketchy financial history? Or the borrower is looking forward to borrow a huge amount? Figure out the answers before you sign, rather drop the idea because it is no point of being accused because of your partner's bad decision.

Buying Variable Annuities

You shouldn't buy these variable annuities, especially in a retirement account. These annuities are too expensive but plain as simple as well. These variable annuities are a better deal for the agents rather than consumers. Relatively you should build your own investment accounts through low-cost exchange-traded funds or no-load mutual funds.


Designating a Minor as a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Life insurance benefits cannot be paid to minors. If you make such mistake then ultimately, a judge will oversee how the funds are distributed to your young ones. To make sure this doesn't happen, you must set up a revocable living trust and make the trust the beneficiary of your life insurance. In this same trust, you can include the proceedings to be used by your minors.


Investing in a Long Term Bond Funds

Bond funds are never a good help for investors. In an individual bond you can hold the investment to maturity and be assured that you will get your principal back (in case you don't fall into a default), but in a bond fund no finite maturity date is there, and most funds are actively traded.

Especially it is not good times to invest in long term bond funds, as interest rate are so low. Rate might rise in future, even if it's not in 2012. When rates will raise, the longer the maturity of a bond, the bigger will be the decline in the bond's price. The bond prices are inversely proportional to the yields it fetches. When yields rise, prices drop.

If you own an individual bond, you can at least make the decision to hold on until it matures, so that you can receive all your principal back. But a bond fund may sell bonds at those lower prices, locking in a principal loss.


Defaulting on Student Debt

Even if you fall into extreme financial hardship and file for bankruptcy, the student debt loan will not be exempted in bankruptcy. Falling into a default debt can lead you to have your wages garnisheed that is the borrower gets to take money out of your paycheck to make good on your debt.

If you have a student loan, no matter how financially stressed you are contact your borrower and let him know about your opinions. If the loan is from a government bank, then you have a variety of repayment plans which will reduce your monthly payments as well as student loan deferment and leniency during periods of economic difficulty.


Not having four essential documents

These four documents are a must for a responsible estate planner.

· A will

· A revocable living trust

· An advance directive – The advance directive is a document which includes your medical intervention if your are unable to express those wishes yourself, along with a durable power of attorney for health care in which you designate the person who will advocate on your behalf to make those wishes known.

· A durable power of attorney for financial matters which includes the incapacity clauses. This allows a person of your choice to step in anf make financial decision on your behalf if you can't make them yourself.

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What is Your Dumbest Career Moment?

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 08:52 PM PST

You may think others are smarter and you become dumber as you would face losing your problem-solving ability (temporarily) which is termed by the scientists as our “expression of IQ.” The Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute researchers reveal in their newest study, reports the Wall Street Journal. However, in order to prevent ourselves from looking stupid in front of others we generally choose to say nothing and forget the fact this behavior of ours can have an adverse effect on our career.
According to Careerealism, it is quite evident, that in the recent job market, employees can earn respect from others by demonstrating themselves as an expert. Therefore, employees should keep in mind that people who prove their worth by displaying their talents and general knowledge, which benefits the company are the ones who sustain in the organization and get promotions and pay hikes.  If you keep quiet in order to avoid looking stupid, you are sure to spoil your professional reputation as your supervisors and co-workers may think that you are not confident in your abilities.


The best way to beat the fear of communication is by expecting dumb moments which are sure to make us feel more comfortable while we speak. You must gather all your courage to speak up without getting self conscious and nervous. Even, if you make mistakes while speaking never mind as this is exactly the way how you can learn. By this, you can soon learn to express your ideas, skills and knowledge at your workplace.

Further, the author J.T O 'Donell of the article "What's your dumbest career moments?" suggests that it is better to do proper research and groundwork before proposing any ideas to an executive because if the idea fails then also you can prove to be an idiot in front of your supervisors.  The author says that this he has learnt from his own experience as once he has suggested a solution to the supervisors which failed miserably. As a result the author had to face harsh behavior of the executive. Therefore he spent next six months to prove that he is not an idiot.

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Top 12 Tech-Toys at Toy Fair Makes you a Kid

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 08:40 PM PST

The Toy Industry Association’s annual Toy Fair exhibition is happening in New York, and around 1,500 toy manufacturers, distributors, importers and sales agents from 30 countries are showing off their new products.  Many of these small wonders come with the plenty of technology which makes you want to be a kid again. Have a look at these top tech-toys which makes you say, let's play!
1. iCade 8-Bitty:


Smartphones are becoming the coolest must have toy, many companies have products clubbed with 'Augmented Reality' which turns your iPhone or Android device into a hooting, fishing, and driving games. This retro-styled pocket friendly game controller controls your iPhone, iPad or Android device. iCade 8-Bitty has eight-button controls, supports iCADE’s hundreds of retro game apps and also has wireless capability. This controller costs around $29.

2. Sket Robo:


This is a tech-painter by TOSY; this robot remembers 200 designs and draws a picture on demand. The prototype doesn't have a webcam now, but the company says it will eventually feature a camera so it can draw a picture of anything in front of it, including you. SketRobo will reach the stores only in 2013, no details about its price.


3. Oregon Scientific MEEP:

Oregon Scientific MEEP is an Android Tablet for kids aging 6 and above. The tablet features, a 7-inch color touchscreen, 4GB of memory and Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers the kids to watch movies, read e-books, play games and various other entertaining and knowledge building tools. The tablet comes with a cloud-based parental control system which enables parents to monitor their kid's activities. This tablet will hit the stores in August with a price tag of $149.

4. Barbie Photo Fashion:


This Barbie comes with a 5-megapixel inbuilt camera which is placed into her chest for taking pictures, it can store up to 100 snaps and also has an USB port by which you can transfer the pictures to the computer. This digital-camera cum Barbie will cost $50.


5. Fruit Ninja Plug ‘N’ Play:

This is a wireless Plug ‘N’ Play version of Fruit Ninja by Jazwares which lets the kids to play one of their favorite mobile game- Fruit Ninja- on TV screens.  Kids have a physical sword to slice virtual fruits which gives a new gaming experience without any gaming consoles. This game will reach the market by the fall and will cost $29.

6. Fijit Friends Yippits:


Fijit Friends of last year was very popular among girls, this year girls can have a Fijit pet of their own named 'Yippits'. These cute Yippits are dynamic interactive pets with barks, growls, dances and even learns tricks. They also interact with kids through audio “Sonic Chirp” technology. Yuppits will be ready to come home by June costing $37.99.


7. Cut The Rope Apptivity:

Mattel and Cut the Rope is making serious moves with enhanced app-tivity games for iPad. This new game allows kids to use physical toys to interact with the screen of an iPad. There are various other games in this app-tivity iPad basket like; Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, special game for Hot Wheels, and many more. The price of this 'Cut The Rope Apptivity' game is yet to be announced.

8. Crayola Digital Light Designer:


Crayola Digital Light Designer comes with a light pen by which kids can draw in a 360-degree domed drawing surface which is made of colored LED lights.  Kids just have to pick the line thickness and the color to start their drawing; the device stores 50 drawings in a gallery playback. This creative toy will be available by September costing $49.99.

9. Hasbro Lazer Tag 2 Blaster:

Hasbro’s Nerf Lazer Tag 2 Blaster creates a reality lazer tag gameplay by using iPhone or iPod Touch. The soul of the system is your iPhone or iPod Touch which acts as a heads up display. User has to download the laser app and set devices in a dock on the blaster and then the system is ready to play against virtual competitors. This new Laser Tag will be launched in August and will cost $ $40 for one blaster and $70 for a pair.

10. Regal Elite Force Flyer:

Regal Elite has a unique RC technology Glove Force which makes piloting RC helicopters cool and simple. The controls are interesting; rotating your wrist forward and backward controls elevation, turning your wrist left and right controls direction and there a small thumb-controlled strangle. This flying machine will cost $49.95.


11. Laugh & Learn Apptivity Monkey:

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Monkey is a plush toy with an iPhone or iPod touch case rooted in its belly. You just have to download the free app and place the smart device in the well protected monkey’s case, now your child can interact with the app by squeezing the monkey’s paws to learn about numbers, letters, colors, and more. Kids can listen to songs and phrases even without the smart device.  This monkey will hit the stores by July with a price tag of around $29.99.

12. Electronic Guitar Bag:


ThinkGeek’s Electronic Guitar Bag lets you play songs while you carry your laptops and other stuffs. Playing your thumb across the fingerboard will play actual chords and songs. This singing bag will cost you $19.99.

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Posted: 15 Feb 2012 06:03 AM PST

SEO Link Monster Review

seo-link-monster Finally it's here. SEO Link Monster has been released. Santa was a bit late but hey I can forgive him if this SEO tool lives up to it's name. Now we all know that Google is constantly rolling out updates to it's algorithm which is bad for most people on the net. Let's face it Google doesn't like us SEO guys and girls and doesn't even care. So it's tying to make it near impossible for us to make a living.


Could SEO Link Monster help us in these challenging times? Most possible yes. Don't forget this is just a tool and not an ATM. So if you use it the right way you will be able to make money, but if you don't well there's the complaint department.




Now let us get on with SEO Link Monster Review. So what is SEO Link Monster? It's the biggest privately held public blog network (public for all those who sign up for it). This SEO tool gets you some high quality backlinks, which will positively affect your rankings. The learning curve is short and easy it's like posting an article on Ezine, the difference is that you are submitting to a number of different blogs. In other words you are getting more links for you click than on any ordinary article site.


SEO Link Monster works the following way. The owners who are Brad and Matt Callen and Dori Friend have bought up a good number of private blogs which are PR1 and above. Where you can submit your articles day in and out. Now there's a limit on how many submissions you can have every day and that is 14. Which seems small for a number of people but think about this, you add your article click submit and the rest is done for you. Every day there are 14 Do Follow high values added to your site. Now this is what I call a great hands off system.

SEO Link Monster Features:

Now another feature what I personally just adore about SEO Link Monster is that you get the URLs for each and every submission. And if you want to turn those good links into great links then you can build more backlinks to it. I've tried a number of private blog networks but they rarely show the exact URL. Which is like "thank you for your money now believe that I'm actually doing something with it". Also by them providing the backlinks you can double check the quality of their work. Call me paranoid but I want to know that on what I'm spending money on.

Who can use this SEO tool? Well basically anybody and everybody because there are no limitations. If you have a micro niche site than it's for you, if you are doing SEO work for a client than it will work great for you as well. There are some limitations, certain niches are not allowed, but that's just understandable, they want to keep their high quality blogs at a high quality level.




Well it's time to finish up the review for Seo Link Monster.


  • Highly Diversified Links
  • Drip Feed
  • Easy To Use
  • High Value Links


  • The price is high

Rating: 4.5

The main reason why it isn't a perfect 5/5 is because of the price tag. Sure it's nice to have a trial run at 1/3 of the price but still it's a bit expensive. The first month you are paying only $47 and then you are paying $147. Before you fall on the ground gasping for air think about this.  With the help of this tool you can manage multiple sites at once, create the link building strategy in the beginning of the month and then you let SEO Link Monster do the rest. And you only have to make 2-3 sales on a decent product and you have already covered your monthly costs. When you are thinking in those terms it looks much more attractive isn't it.




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Posted: 15 Feb 2012 05:55 AM PST

This is a review post about Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi's new product Affiliate Cash Snipers. Just click the link below if you are looking for:

If you are reading this review, you have probably heard of Affiliate Cash Snipers, and their new program, called Affiliate Marketing 3.0. You might be wondering what all the buzz is about, and why so many people are keen to use this method of online marketing to get sales. Well, this review is here to show exactly what the facts are when it comes to the Affiliate Cash Snipers Program, and whether you should shell out the fifty bucks to add it onto your affiliate marketing methods.


acs main Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

The Future of Affiliate Marketing

Anyone who is familiar with the state of currently making money on the internet knows that Affiliate Cash Snipers has one thing right. The internet is changing, and websites that stand between the searcher and what they want to find, is going to fall by the wayside. Google is boosting up websites in the SERPS that give searchers what they are looking for, and penalizing sites that stand in the way. This may seem like bad news for the affiliate marketer, but the truth is, it need not be if you change how you do things. The Affiliate Cash Snipers program is one of those changes.

The Author of Affiliate Cash Snipers

MichealRasmussen Affiliate Cash Snipers ReviewIn the introductory video before you buy the product, the speaker, Michael Rasmussen, invited the listener to Google him. I decided to take his advice, because you can tell a whole lot about a person's credibility by what comes up in the search engines when you type their name. After filtering out the results for a professional bicycle rider and some corporate guy, I was able to find Mr. Rasmussen.

I guess it's a popular name. He has been responsible for quite a few internet marketing programs and even has a blog that boasts 200,000 readers. I say the guy has some credibility when it comes to internet marketing.

How Affiliate Cash Snipers Works

The program is composed of a piece of software that allows you to change how you offer advertising to the searcher that finds your website. Instead of offering them targeted text ads, which at times can be massively off theiracs Affiliate Cash Snipers Review target, or products that are related to what they are reading, and what they were searching for, you offer them the ability to define exactly what they are searching for. If they want a digital camera, you give them the opportunity to set parameters to find the one they want, and then you take them right to that product, with your affiliate link attached of course.

The program allows you to set up affiliate profiles with Amazon, the Wal-Mart website and with Shopping.com, three of the largest online retailers, responsible for a huge chunk of online product  sales. Then, you design your widget.


acs best sellers Affiliate Cash Snipers Review


If you haven't yet checked out the program, then basically, you build a series of filters that differ depending upon what product you are talking about. For instance, for a digital camera, you could use brand, price, megapixels and other specifications. Then, you get the code and begin inserting your affiliate ads where you want to.


acs example Affiliate Cash Snipers Review

The Bottom Line for Affiliate Cash Snipers

I don't say this very often when I review internet marketing products, but this is truly a great product, and is a really original idea. It fits in with what I know about where internet marketing is headed in the  future. You have to provide the searcher with what they want or Google will make sure you don't stand in the way for long. This product will help you keep up with the changing algorithms of Google and with the new slant towards selling real products instead of e-books of affiliate marketing.

Bottom Line: Get it, you won't regret it.


Click Here To Access Affiliate Cash Sniper Now


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2016 to Have A Billion Smartphone Users

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 03:11 AM PST

It is expected that the number of smartphone being used around the world will grow to 1 billion by 2016, says Forrester research.
The report says that by 2016, one billion people will own smartphones and many of them will be using these smartphone at their workplace replacing laptops and PCs. Other facts revealed by the report are; of these billion devices, Apple, Google and Microsoft will hold up to 90 percent of the market and over 350 million professionals will use their devices at work and the consumers will spend nearly $55 million for mobile applications.

"Mobile is the new face of engagement" said, Ted Schadler, a principal analyst at Forrester and an author of the study, reports NY Times. The report highlights that the mobile apps will be the face of new system where many people think that their smartphones and tablets will be simply another device to keep in touch with work and friends.
However, over a billion smartphones will definitely challenge the giant mobile manufactures to hold a grip in the market.

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7 Money Lies We Tell Our Spouses

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 02:58 AM PST

Marriage is a bond based on honesty but this bond has a few loopholes. In a recent survey conducted by MoneyRates.com/MSN.com poll concluded that spouses are likely to lie each other on matters concerning money. So listed below are a few lies that spouses generally tend to use.

I\'m Not a Money Plant!

I’m Not a Money Plant!

When you don’t want to spend on something, the easy way out is to say, ‘We can’t afford it’. It is a big compromise when it comes to sharing resources that go into your household budget. Though you are the only earning member in the family, you have to be in harmony with your spouse especially when it comes to making major purchases. Coming up with an excuse such as ‘We can’t afford it’, will not let you take a breath of relief. You may face conflicts the next time when you plan to buy which is equally discretionary.
These kinds of discussion generally takes place when kids are involved, so it is very important for you and your spouse to compromise on certain issues, as it might spoil your image in your kids’ eyes.


Forgot the Exact Price

Forgot the Exact Price

When you spend excessively on something, it surely brings a feeling guilt in you. And the guilt makes you sound guilty. What is the price for this? ‘It was on sale, I don’t really remember the price.’ If this is what you reply, then it will surely create a suspicion that can be even worse in reality. There could be situations that you might spend on your bad habits. So to keep a track on your spending, it is better to be accountable to your spouse, or you might be clueless regarding your finances.


What Credit Card Bill

What Credit Card Bill?

Relationships brings in love and happiness, but they also carry some baggage like health problems, scars of past relations, childhood traumas etc. what is a very common burden noticed is debt burden. You don’t feel very comfortable sharing this burden because you have that fear that your spouse will deny to share your financial problems.
Well getting rid of a debt is not as easy as it looks. It is very much predictable that you’ll be caught after certain point of lying. So it is up to you, to want your spouse to get hold of your credit card bills and get upset or you should better disclose the issue and make things much comfortable.


I\'m Not into Gambling

I’m Not into Gambling

If you are a gambler you are surely to be in debt because of this habit, which will eventually push you into committing mistakes and crimes. Gamblers are never comfortable exposing their losses, so it is evitable to hide it with a lie. But the problem will soon be surfaced.
Your addiction can make you stand in such a position that getting financial help from someone can turn difficult. But what is affected the most with this lie is the relation between you and your spouse. Sooner or later the bad habit will come between you two.


We Can Get that Anytime

We Can Get that Anytime

It’s good to be generous, but when generosity exceeds the limits, it reaches to a point where you have to buy things which you can’t actually afford. Acting as if you can afford something, that you actually can’t, will make your spouse ignore the realities of household budget putting your finances into trouble.

It is advisable to stretch you spouses’ expectation to a level that can be matched up, as it could bring in a feeling of disappointment.


I do Pretty Well for Myself

I do Pretty Well for Myself

It is harmless to start off with a relation during your initial phase, as demonstration of success at work will create a good impression. But once you speak that lie, you can’t really walk back, and you keep adding on to it. If your relation turns serious it will put you into an embarrassing situation when you are expected to provide your income for household budget. Things should be transparent from the start. You should be confident enough to live with your means.


My Paycheck is on a Diet

My Paycheck is on a Diet

Understating your income may sound exciting, but it could turn into a bad idea. Overstating is actually what we all can easily relate to, but understating is something what some people are practicing these days. The motive behind this is to have a control over that part of income and it can withhold you from certain household responsibilities.

But be alert while filing your taxes jointly. If you’re your spouse has to sign the return, there are high chances of him or her to spot the high income number on that return. Thus will portray you as a selfish human and shake the trust between you two.

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Top 5 Shopping Apps for Indians

Posted: 15 Feb 2012 02:50 AM PST

The way we used to shop is changing due the Smartphones in our hands which are affective the way the retail segment used to work. Online shopping is not a new trend and now with the penetration of smartphones a new domain of mobile shopping has emerged which has lead the companies and the customers have a whole new world of shopping. Have a look at these apps which gives you a new shopping experience through your phones.
eBay India:


eBay Indian is an Android app which is available in the Android market for Rs 98.57. The app supports barcode scanning technology of RedLaser which allows user to scan the barcode of the product to know about its details. The app also lets the user to easily modify their “Active Selling” list, amend their “Unsold” list and to even plan a sale.



The ngpay app is available for free in the Android market and is best app to meet all the shopping entertainment and travel needs of Indian users. The users gets reward points called ngPoints each time they shop, these points can be later exchanged for exciting offers and deals. The app comes with a lots of paying options like credit/debit cards such as Visa card, Mastercard, Diners Club credit cards etc. The app also takes cares of security concerns by asking a six digit PIN number every time which is not stored in the mobile handset.



Naaptol is also a free Android app which allows user to access more than 2 lakh products across 500 categories with detailed information. The app allows user to access the Naaptol website and browse through the database, it also permits to sort the products as per user requirement.


Shopping Assistant:

This is a utility app available for the Nokia Symbian and Windows Phones 7 users. This app allows user to create different shopping list for different categories and makes an all-in-one shopping list.  The app even allows adding pictures to your shopping list; it also gives suggestions and does corrections too. The whole shopping list is stored in the phone which makes consulting the list easy in future as it creates multiple copies.



ShopMagic manages the shopping of a Blackberry user according to stores. The best feature in this app is its planning part which takes care of the fact that the user doesn't miss anything. User can also email the list and also gets an estimated cost of the planned shopping.

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