23 February 2012

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6 Cool Technologies that will change Your Future

Posted: 22 Feb 2012 02:11 AM PST

New technologies have always influenced human beings in the way they think, see and hear. Recent years saw the birth of  technologies that contributed touchscreens, smartphones, tablet, internet TV, Twitter, Facebook and much more to our life.
As the technologies rise each and every day, it brings along amazing ways to work, play and hangout.


Low Power Sensors: Keeps you connected to everything, every time, everywhere

The world around you is getting connected to the internet 24/7 and for this purpose tiny low power sensors are here, which can be attached to everything inside and outside your house. These sensors can be programmed to give you information and they will run for years using a single battery. There are already many low power sensors like 6LoWPAN, Zigbee, Z-Wave, which aid in low power wireless networks.The best thing- it can be attached to anything- Traffic lights, car keys, home devices.

So imagine, you will never lose your keys again, the traffic lights which reroute you itself, your room sensor which tweets you about the temperature.


3D Printing: Print Your Dreams

You can now manufacture anything, from nuts and bolts to even a hair dryer by simply sitting at home. It's nothing but 3D printing and the revolution is on the way. The price of materials and printer is high now. But with many startups like MakerBot and Printrbot, competing each other, the prices are expected to come down fast. Imagine with every house owns such a printer, you can manufacture or replicate anything, a custom designed necklace for your wife to a replica of the missing toy of your child.


Hadoop: Big data into your hands

The Hadoop Technology uses distributing the large amounts of data into low cost computers for analyzing it quickly and affordably. A wide variety of companies including Yahoo, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn use Hadoop for both research and production. The individual users are also encouraged to add themselves to the network.

Imagine an automated personalized shopper who always finds the best deals for you by crawling millions of records.


IPv6: The new Internet

The entire web is shifting to IPv6, the new Internet Protocol from the current IPv4. Ipv6 allows 2^128 address spaces through which billions of devices can be connected to the internet. It also offers more improvement in quality of services.

So everything in your home and your neighbor's home can be connected to internet easily. Doors, Fridge, TV, everything.


Cloud: Do more than what you thought

The cloud is the talk in technology now. It is going to offer you unlimited computing capabilities at cheap prices. You will no longer need any space to store your data, you can access any services like real-time video access to experts to help you out with anything and even custom ordering shoes by simply putting your feet on the touchscreen.


Analytics: The brain of Cloud

Analytics is the new way of finding answers or recognizing patterns. It is nothing but real-time examination of large streams of data from many sources including social networks to come up with an answer. Analytics has already dne many things like Google Flu trends used aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity.

Imagine your Football coach matching your mechanics instantly to the world champion's.