12 April 2012

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Google Sniper 2.0 – Does This System Really Works? Is It For Me?

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 05:41 AM PDT

Before you read this post you have to know that I will be telling you different aspects of the Google Sniper system and my personal opinion, and I will be totally honest on that.


As I said in a previous post, Google Sniper 2 has the same core product as the first version, and this post will be based on it. Once Google Sniper 2 releases (14th February) I will be posting a review of the improvements, bonuses, etc.




If you are looking for the Official Site, please visit:

Official Google Sniper Site


How Does Google Sniper Works?


The system is really easy to understand, you create specific product related websites called "Sniper Sites", SEO optimized, user-friendly and that way generate revenue from them.


Is It Profitable?


Yes it is, but you have to be committed with the system. I will warn you here about 2 things that people often thinks when buying these kind of products:

-          They think they will earn thousands in days

-          They think that just buying the product they will earn money or that it is extremely easy to earn money on Internet


These 2 thoughts are simply the worst thing for anyone that wants to really make some money on Internet.


Having said that, Google Sniper will teach you how to make the sites, optimize them for SEO and for buyers, how to select keywords, how to publish your websites, and how to scale the whole system, but it is really on you to do it and to do it properly.


What I mean is, if you really want it to be very profitable, you will have to make numerous websites, for example:


If you have 10 sniper websites that generate 5 sales every month, and the commission for every sale is $20, then you will be earning = $1000 every single month.


This example is very simple but very realistic; I am telling you the truth here, no exaggerations or anything like that. Now the obvious question after this is: How do I get to earn more than that? The answer is very simple and logic, you will have to work more on more websites, as I said, you have to eradicate the wrong idea that earning money in Internet is easy, you have to work to earn thousands of dollars per month.


Is Google Sniper For Me? Will It Work For Me?


We have to keep in mind that everyone is different, with different experience and knowledge. So in this section I will be telling you if you can get the most of Google Sniper.


First, if you are working and have very little time, then I have to tell you that it is possible to start with Google Sniper. Having a couple of hours daily, you can create and promote a website (once you are familiar with the procedures). But I will not lie to you here, you will need more than a couple of daily hours once you have more than 10 websites.


If you really like your work and don't plan to quit, then you can have a Sniper Sites network as a support income, that could get you hundreds and even a thousand dollars per month.


If you don't have experience in the Internet Marketing field or any experience creating websites, then you don't have to worry because Google Sniper will teach you these things in easy courses, from hosting to how to create WordPress websites.


If you are already an experienced Internet Marketer, then you can learn to rank websites and how to SEO optimize them, how to improve conversions to make more sales and other tips and tricks. Many IMs know how to improve sales, know the best niches, trends, everything, but they lack of SEO experience, and that is a huge disadvantage.


If you don't have many resources, and by that I mean money, then I have to tell you that apart from the Google Sniper cost, you will be buying the hosting and the domain name. The hosting is in the range from $60 to $80 per year and you can get a domain name for as low as $9.28 per year. So keep in mind these figures before you begin your journey.


I think these cover the most of situations one can be in, so keep in mind that if you really want to earn a significant amount of money with Google Sniper you will have to dedicate more time to it.


Final Thoughts


Google Sniper as I see it will help you learn crucial skills to start as an Internet Marketer, not only that, you will see for yourself that earning money on Internet is not something for web developers or programmers only.

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Google Sniper Review | Google Sniper Exposed.

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 05:35 AM PDT

Introduction to Google Sniper 2.0 Review

Why have I decided to write a Google Sniper 2.0 review? First of all, I’m an internet marketer myself and just like you I struggle every day to find a working internet marketing product that will help me pursue my dreams. I’ve been doing internet marketing for 3 years now and I’ve had my share of bad internet marketing products over the years. So I know how irritating it can be to buy a product that doesn’t really work, and that’s why I’ll be completely honest with you. And there was another reason for writing a Google Sniper 2.0 review. You’ll find out soon if you decide to check out my article.

How Do You Know Google Sniper 2.0 That Well?

I’ve been following the career of the creator of this product since he got into internet marketing and I know all of his products, but you’ll soon find out that none of them even compares to this one. George Montagu Brown is the creator of this system and he’s been doing internet marketing since he was 15. But the amazing thing is that he is only turning 20 this year. Since than he’s become the youngest internet millionaire of all times and he’s not planning to stop. He discovered an amazing internet marketing method when he was 16 and he used that to make his first million dollars. At the age of 17 he shared that method with the world, the system was called Google Sniper. My article focuses on Google Sniper 2.0 review but I thought I’d talk a bit about the origins of this product. Was 1.0 Any Good? GSniper 1.0 is the exact method George used himself to become one of the richest internet marketers ever, and he is still one of them today! In his course he shared everything he did to make his first million dollars and he didn’t keep any secrets. To tell you the truth I’m still using his system and that is the other reason for this Google Sniper 2.0 review. Because without it I probably wouldn’t be making close to 40 thousand dollars a month working just 2 hours a day!

Then Why The Need For 2.0?

Although the first version is still great, let’s be honest. It’s been 3 years since the launch of 1.0 and a lot of the strategies mentioned in it changed a lot over the years. You know just as well as I do that in the internet marketing world the number one rule is to be up-to-date. And I’m writing this Google Sniper 2.0 review to show you how true this is. When I first got my hands on Google Sniper 1.0 I soon started making about 300$/month/site. Today I’m only making 120$/month/site. But with the new ideas in 2.0, I’m actually making more money than ever, close to 400$/month/site. So thank you George!

What’s Included In Google Sniper 2.0?

Google Sniper 2.0 Review


Believe my when I say, EVERYTHING you need! Even if you’re an internet marketing newbie (just like I was), you will learn how to create a site from scratch, and soon you’ll be making 400$/month sites in just a few hours/day for FREE. All you’ll be paying for are the cost of domains which cost like 10$/year. So that means about 4790$/site/year pure profit! I usually make one site a day, so you can imagine why I’m so close to becoming an internet millionaire myself.

You should also know that George is a great teacher and he will explain everything in huge detail. Even if you are not really computer savvy, you won’t have a problem with this course, since he starts by explaining the terms used in this field and gives you a general overview of what this kind of job entails. He teaches you how to do everything by showing you many examples in the videos, but if that wasn’t enough, there is a manual which explains everything in even more detail.

Well, I hope you liked my Google Sniper 2.0 review.


So it’s definitely NOT worse than Google Sniper 1.0. It’s not like most movies, where the second part is usually crap:). Google Sniper 2.0 is a genius update to the first version which allows us to make even more money by just working a few hours a day.

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