15 January 2013

Facebook Phone To Be Revealed On Tuesday

Facebook Phone

Facebook, the largest social networking site is holding a press event on Tuesday at its headquarters.  The company hasn’t revealed anything about the event, but according to MG Siegler, TechCrunch columnist, the social network will finally announce a “Facebook Phone”.

As per the report which cited multiple sources, a kind of Facebook Phone will be displayed on Tuesday. There still exists confusion whether they would display an actual piece of Facebook branded hardware or a hardware from a phone maker to show off some sort of new Facebook OS for mobile.

Earlier, it was reported that Facebook had put forward an opinion to Google and Apple that they have no intention to build their own phones. Surprisingly, Facebook changed their minds, but the phone/OS may not be meant to compete with the iPhone and the Google Android phones. Rather it might be meant solely for the emerging markets.

Siegler quoted something about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a TechCrunch event in September, "It’s a juicy thing to say we’re building a phone, which is why people want to write about it. But it’s so clearly the wrong strategy for us."

In conclusion he said, Facebook is good at keeping things close these days and they could announce about the phone in detail on Tuesday. But speculation that is something smaller, like a new app, doesn’t jibe with the multiple sources telling us this is going to be “a big deal”. So wait to know whether the Facebook phone will reveal or not.