08 May 2013

Over 3, 00,000 Newborns Die within 24 Hrs in India Every Year

With mother’s day around the corner, the State of the World's Mothers report has a fatal story to tell us. The report by Save the Children which published the findings unveils that more than 3, 00,000 babies die within 24 hours of being born in India each year. The reason cited for the incident revolves around carelessness, leading to infections and lack of attentiveness towards the public welfare, reports AFP.

According to the report, India records 29 percent of newborn deaths globally. Of a total of 186 countries, South Asia records 40 percent of the world’s first day deaths. Bangladesh and Pakistan record 28,000 and 60,000 deaths respectively on similar grounds. Malnutrition is the major problem mentioned in both the countries. "Progress has been made, but more than 1,000 babies die every day on their first day of life from preventable causes throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh," said Mike Novell, the regional director of the charity, as reported by AFP.

The three major causes for the rise in newborn deaths were revealed as- the complication during pregnancy, unhygienic techniques of delivery and prematurity and lack of advanced technology that can save children in our country. If the above mentioned problems are looked after, there will be a fall of 75 percent in the death statistics.