07 May 2013

YouTube Soon To Charge For Watching Videos

The world’s biggest video repository, YouTube is apparently on plans to widen its revenue stream. As the first step, the Google owned website may start charging its users for watching particular channels, reports Financial Times.

The in-depth details about ‘paid-for subscription service,’ including subscription fee or channel list are not currently available. However, the fee is expected to be around $2 for a month, which will also give viewers the privilege of watching ad-free entertainment.

YouTube has launched its channels in late 2011. From then, almost every company and even individuals have started YouTube channels. In October 2012, the website has introduced around 60 partner channels, including BBC Worldwide On Earth, ITN, the Jamie Oliver Food Channel and Mixmag TV.

Presently, users can register to any of these channels for free, which will then notify them about a new video, as soon as they login to the website. However, according to the reports, once the new program is launched, only the paid subscribers will be able to watch some exclusive contents, both archived and live, from YouTube’s partner channels.

If success, the paid-for subscription service will be the next strong revenue channel for YouTube, which currently gets most of the money from advertisements.

As per current stats, more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month, watching more than 6 billion hours of video.