22 October 2013

eSimply Office Release An Android App “Simply Office”

eSimply Office Release An Android App “Simply Office”

eSimply Office Release An Android App “Simply Office”

Posted: 21 Oct 2013 03:42 AM PDT

eSimply Office Release An Android App "Simply Office"eSimply Office, a Startup in the enterprise mobility space has released an Android App that provides enterprise users a productive environment for their smart devices with an intuitive and simple user interface. It is available on Google Play for free.

Imagine a person reaching office with his android based consumer mobile or tablet. He just clicks a button on his mobile and the mobile completely changes the profile to provide the enterprise functionality that he would have normally expected on his laptop. The user does not even have to buy an expensive new tablet like Surface to get enterprise features. When he reaches home again after a day's work, he just clicks on the "Home" button to get back to his consumer profile. This is the vision of "Simply office" app that allows users the complete connectivity to the enterprise on their preferred gadget.

Consumer tablet and smart phones have seen lot of innovation over the last couple of years. We have seen tablets of all form factors and from different companies. In addition, the app ecosystem is quite well developed for android and apple. We can see lot of apps in the app store which people can consume and use in their day to day life

Enterprise space has not seen breakthrough innovation in the mobility space. In addition, there is no tablet or smartphone specifically catering to the enterprise users. In addition, a new trend that is emerging is "Bring your own devices to office (BYOD)". This trend is important because consumers just love their consumer mobile gadgets and would like to use them in their office to improve productivity.

Simply office is a breakthrough innovation in the world of Mobile apps. It offers seamless mobility of apps across various tablet Profiles; enables BYOD – Enables employees to carry their own mobile devices to office; enforces Security Policies- allows enterprises to control apps that can be installed on the user's enterprise profile which allows greater control for the enterprises. Simply office is also working to allow employees to connect better with their colleagues in the day to day work by providing social network connectivity.

Simply Office is co-founded by seasoned industry expert – Ms. Kusum Shukla. She has developed this application by working closely with a bunch of technologists. She was surprised to find close to 100 installs in a day in the same week of launch. She says "There are few players in the enterprise mobility space and market has lot of scope for expansion and growth for an innovative application like Simply Office that eases the pain points of an enterprise users".

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